czwartek, 19 maja 2011

Dylan's unknown black gem

You probably didn't know about it, but the true author of the notorious Rebeca Black's song Friday is none other, but Bob Dylan himself!

środa, 18 maja 2011

Another great space design - boat flat

I posted sometimes ago two structures that gained my attention - today you can watch short reportage from quite nice flat in Barcelona.

Converting files - why linux is so wonderful

I'm a linux user for 5 or 6 six years now and want to give you some glimpses on how wonderful environment it can be for daily tinkering. 

Sometimes I have to change format of some file or files. This is the moment when the power of linux can be unleashed.

poniedziałek, 9 maja 2011

Architecture - awesomeness out of thin air

Hi, sorry that I stopped posting so suddenly. I was out of town for few days, but now I'm back and I have something nice for you!
I've just stumbled upon two quite creative examples of volatile design, if I can name it like that, and one of them is in my neighborhood. What I like most is that you can completely change the way the building looks like or, just like in the movie Prestige, you create something extraordinary out of ordinary things.
First of all, look at the concrete bunker located near Warsaw. For the day your home may look like this:
 But for the night you can change it into fortress. Proverb "your home is your castle" was taken literally here.
Building projected by Robert Konieczny from KWK Promes is called Safe House. It's located on 2500m² plot, which looks much, much bigger on the photos. House has floor area of 556,5m² and was finished in 2009.
You can get more photos in the link posted above or from the website of the architects.
It is really impressive and I really don't want to know how much does it cost.

However, I'm quite the opposite with the second one I want to share with you. It's an ordinary garage, isn't it?
Look at your man, look again, I'm on a horse. I won't spoil you the fun with browsing the pictures you can find on
It's amazing what you can do with relatively small space in ugly and unadapted structure like this garage. With a little space in front of the entrance in form of small garden, providing some privacy for occupant it would be a perfect place to live in the city. Small, functional, simple, ergonomic and beautiful at the same time. And for the still hot, Polish real-estate market finding such an unusual place, if possible, should leave some big bunch of money in your pocket - win-win situation!

wtorek, 3 maja 2011

Beastie Boys roxxx!!!

I wanted to write about something else, but I've just encountered this video! This is a tribute to the Fight for Your Right to Party by Beastie Boys made with participation of some quite famous people. Watch it to the end and moan in ecstasy just as I did.
It's hilarious!

poniedziałek, 2 maja 2011

OMG they killed Kenny!!!

Not Kenny actually, but the notorious Osama bin Laden! Who would think that it will ever happed?