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Cyborg - JCVD is so cheesy

At first blogger had problems, then I was ill. Fortunately it was not related to recent EHEC craziness and I'm completely fine now. I would normally gather some more stuff to post, but high fever leaves you with just few possibilities to spend this abundance of free time and most ambitious is staying in bed for whole time. But I managed to watch one of the classic B sci-fi movies from the '80. With Jean-Claude Van Damme! Ladies and gentleman, give a warm welcome to the Cyborg!

Well, long haired a'la flopped Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 JCVD to be precise.
Isn't he cute? Not only that! He's deadly serious and trained to kill. JCVD is a mercenary hired by the cyborg, a quite nice lady actually, that want to reach last bastion of civilization in post apocalyptic future. She transports vital data that will help last scientists to develop cure for a strange decease that's eating humanity away.
But of course they're not alone. Nemesis is personified by a true badass with dirty glasses and funny appearance. He thinks that using cyborg as a trade card allow will grant him greater power, access to better weapon, that he'll grasp the last remains from the past glory of the human. He kidnaps cyborg and forces her to lead him to the base of scientists. Well, she wanted to go there anyway, so in fact it's no big deal for her.
Of course, JCVD was at first defeated and almost killed. Or maybe he even died for our sins - it's up to you, I'll you leave you this picture.

Final confrontation is obviously unavoidable. It's not only the climax of the movie, but also the peak of bad acting. Guys we're yelling like madmen and I was laughing out loud. Scene takes place in rain to add some dramatic quality. And because at stake is the future of whole mankind they were really serious. Just look at him. You can also guess why he had always wore his notorious sunglasses.
This movie has everything you wish for - low budget, bad acting, strong characters, cheesy story and epic introduction monologue, which I leave to you to discover. If you can get it, I advice you to very much, you won't be disappointed. They don't do so good bad movies these days.
If you have any questions about this flick - use comment form, I'll be happy to answer them all.

PS. Yeah, I changed the template :) Quite posh, isn't it?

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Xenototh pisze...

Looks like a movie to add to bad movie night. :P

Dave Benzene pisze...

Looks pretty cheesy, will definitely try to get my hands on this

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